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About Us


Here at Imperative Supplies, we like to think we are at the heart of saving lives.

Over 140,000 people suffer each year from Sudden Cardic Arrest (SCA) in the UK and with 70% of these incidents occurring outside of a hospital environment, we feel it's imperative to have the definitive treatment ready to go to help save a life.

Having a defibrillator accessible in your work place is vital for the safety of your employees, with CPR and early defibrillation, the casualty’s survival rate can increase from 6% to an incredible 74%! You can even book your First Aid and AED training from our partners Imperative Training to ensure your staff are confident in delivering the rescue process and potential save a life.

At Imperative Supplies we’re all about providing life-saving, competitively priced equipment to a wide range of industry sectors. Making your work premises safe, efficient and heart safe, prepared for any emergency situations which may occur. 

Defibrillators can be found in schools, police cars, cinemas, sports arenas, government buildings, airports, shopping centres, gyms, commercial aircraft, railway stations, offices, dentists, and manufacturing sites.


Freephone 0800 470 4846 today to learn more about life saving defibrillators or email to get in touch.


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