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Choosing the right accessories for your medical equipment is what changes your safety precautions from machines, to life-saving devices.

With everything from resuscitation equipment to spare electrode pads, our accessories allow you to make the most out of your medical equipment and always be ready to act in an emergency situation.

Defibrillator Accessories

A defibrillator is the only definitive treatment to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), so we understand just how important it is to ensure your AED is ready to go at all times. With our range of accessories, we can help you use your medical device to the full, which can mean anything from choosing the right carry case to make your defibrillator portable to staying stocked up on the electrode pads and batteries specifically made for your model of defibrillator.

We provide various wall mounts and signage which will allow you to store your device safely and accessibly, we find that keeping your AED on a wall mount allows people to locate your defibrillator quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

Rescue and Training Accessories

In addition to our AED accessories, we also carry a wide range of rescue and training accessories to help you become more familiar with the steps as well as use equipment which will help make the rescue as easy and effective as possible. Such accessories include resuscitation equipment, manikins and CPR pocket masks which all help to keep you safe and able to deliver the first aid skills to save a life. 

What Accessories do you need?

With so many variations and options for you to choose from, we understand it can be a little hard really knowing which accessories are going to benefit you both. This is why we invite you to give us a call on our freephone number  0800 470 4846 so we can discuss and help you choose on a selection of accessories which will make the most of your life-saving equipment. 

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