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As the only definitive treatment to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) a defibrillator should be an essential part of your office equipment.

As one of the UK’s largest stockists of defibrillators, accessories and first aid kits, we can ensure you can equip your workplace with everything needed to ensure yourself and your employees are always prepared for an emergency situation.

Defibrillator Options and Training

Thanks to our wide range of manufactures and AED models, we can guarantee to find you a defibrillator which matches both your needs for your working environment and your budget.

Before you choose your defibrillator, there are some things you may need to consider, such as the environment it will be kept, how experienced potential users are with the device and whether you require accessories to store the AED accessibly.

We always recommend when you purchase your defibrillator, that you also book one of our CPR and AED training courses. Taking part in this training will give yourself and your employees the confidence to act in an emergency situation, and will give you the skills for a more effective rescue.

In addition to this, when you book a course with us, we can ensure that your session will be with an exact training model of the defibrillator you purchase, allowing your team to become familiarised with the device, boosting confidence and promoting a more successful result.

Which Defibrillator fits your needs?

With so many different models and features for you to choose from, we understand it can be difficult finding the perfect defibrillator to suit your needs and be practical for your environment. 

Our helpful customer care team are always on hand to give you honest and impartial advice to help you find the defibrillator which is right for you. We invite you to call us on  0800 470 4846 where we’ll help you decide which features will be most beneficial to your needs and discuss your options to help you make your decision. 

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