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Why Your School Needs an AED

Imperative Supplies wants to make an appeal to schools to encourage them to invest in an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) as part of their first aid equipment for emergencies.

Cardiac arrest can affect victims of any age, health or gender with no warning or prior symptoms, but early assess, CPR administration and delivery of a shock from a defibrillator can help to save a life. With CPR and defibrillation, chances of survival can rise incredibly from just 6% to a massive 74% when used within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse.

AEDs are incredibly clever and are designed to be used to save a life, even with an operator of little to no experience. Once a device only for clinical use, defibrillators have had a redesign to become affordable, non-threatening and easy to use, making them accessible and usable to all.

While purchasing a defibrillator is extremely important for schools in order to be considered a Heart Safe environment, Imperative wants to encourage all schools to also consider the benefits first aid training can have on both school staff and pupils when given the opportunity to learn a life-saving skill.

David Howarth, Chief Executive of Imperative Supplies, said; “Making defibrillators more accessible to the general public is just one half of our important goal, whilst wider access to AEDs will help to saves lives, we believe more people will benefit and more lives will be saved if more individuals are confident enough in their knowledge to act in an emergency situation – a quality we believe which comes from world-class training.

“We are pleased with the progress so far and the increased awareness of how knowledge of first aid and access to AEDs can be the difference between life and death. Knowing that the ‘chain of survival’ is being educated into schools means that more people will understand where the use of an AED sits in the order of immediate actions which need to be taken in order to preserve a life. This clearly shows that the role of the bystander in early recognition of symptoms, calling for help, as well as early intervention in the form of CPR are as important as the use of the AED.

“We’re advising schools to use this opportunity to consider training across the entire school community, including through PSHE. With our first aid training, you can develop skills and confidence throughout the school, and give school staff, pupils and their community the chance to learn a skill which will serve as a benefit throughout their lives and build a generation of lifesavers.”

To learn more about the first aid training courses we offer, or to discuss any of our AED training courses, please contact the Imperative Supplies customer care team by calling our freephone number 0843 309 4551 and help to raise awareness of the importance of first aid training and the use of AEDs.



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